Mooyee M2 Muscle relaxer (Retailers)

What is Mooyee/how does it feel?

You will feel Mooyee contract your muscles, it can feel odd at first but it’s quite a nice sensation, like getting a squeeze from a loving hand. On a low level it feels like a tingle but you want to get a contraction out of your muscle so that it is stimulating and increasing your circulation.

There are different sensations you can choose from, along with lots of levels depending on which Mooyee is right for you. When you find a sensation and a level you love, let Mooyee do its thing.  It won’t hurt I promise, but you will feel a difference after 4 minutes use. As a guide you will use Mooyee from 15-30 minutes on the one spot. There is more information in the where to put Mooyee graphic here.

Mooyee is stimulating your muscles; like how you feel after a good stretch or a light walk. Your muscles are looser, your circulation is good, your tension is gone and that’s what Mooyee can do for you.

There are many ways to use Mooyee like ease the onset of cramps, for example growing pains. Activate your muscles if you’re finding them hard to fire like before exercise or from medical conditions. Get back your circulation from sitting or standing in one spot for too long, especially travelling! (Did you know Mooyee can be used on flight mode after you have downloaded the app), imagine using on a long haul flight!. Easing tension in those sore areas that we have probably gotten use to feeling every day and living with.



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