Mooyee money back guarantee

Try Mooyee for 120 days and if you don't feel any benefit, we will refund you the purchase amount. 

We don't think consumers, like you, deserve ALL THE RISK when it comes to a new product. 

If we know our product works, which we do, then it is OUR job to guarantee our product with no risk to you.

Just return the Mooyee and you will get the FULL purchase amount back from us within 4 working days.

Try Mooyee today without the risk!!!

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Try The Mooyee Risk Free For 120 Days And If You Don’t Love It We’ll Refund You 100% Of Your Money


- You have 120 days from purchase to get in contact with us and let us know Mooyee didn't work. The Mooyee must then be returned within a week to our delivery centre to still be within the required timeframe.

- We will run through a few tips to make sure you used Mooyee properly before you send back. Being settings and placement.

- Not liking the sensation will not be grounds for return, Mooyee DOES work, although the sensation isn't for everyone. You will get use to it once you feel the massive benefit and muscle ease. 

- Mooyee must be sent back to us with all original packaging in good condition at our delivery centre in QLD.

- When Mooyee is checked we will refund you the FULL purchase amount, not including return postage or any extra packs of pads bought with the Mooyee that are opened or not returned. 

- The money will be returned from our end within 4 working days of receiving the Mooyee. For exact timeframes check with your bank or Afterpay (depending on how you paid) for how long this will take once it had been issued on our side.