Why Mooyee

When I sold my beauty business and decided I wanted to get into e-commerce. I wanted a product related to beauty or fitness that I would love and more importantly would use.  

I bought Mooyee and trailed it out on my fitness friends, they all noticed their recovery improved dramatically, not feeling the harshness of DOMS (Delayed onset of muscle soreness) in the days after training. I was in with a winner and started my business. YAY!!!

But your life changes as you get older, right?

As my lifestyle and focuses changed into my late 30’s, so did my use of Mooyee. Working in an office, travelling for work and standing all day at events started to take its toll on me physically, especially around my lower back and shoulders.

When I couldn’t get out and move around I started using Mooyee. 

As I have changed so has my use of Mooyee

Our customers use Mooyee for all kinds of reasons, check out our reviews to find out more!


It’s easy to make me smile but a great story will make my week so please write to me about your Mooyee experience I know it will be a great one!

Happy Mooyeeing



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