July 30, 2018

EMS (electric muscle stimulation) is a process which involves the use minimal electric currents to stimulate muscle tissues, making them to undergo contraction. According to the Food and Drug Administration; the regulating body of such devices that perform these special functions, these electrical tools are often marketed illegally as shortcuts to muscle building and definition. The same body admonishes that six-pack abdomens and similar effects are overly unrealistic, but the devices themselves are frequently employed for therapeutic motives. In this light, EMS for rehabilitation offers real benefits for sport performance to veterans and physical trainers. When it comes to the improvement of athletic performance, fatigue and pain management, recovery enhancement, sleep improvement and mood elevation, electric muscle stimulation is a valuable resource.ce.


In a commonplace opinion, everybody should have one to attend to the aforementioned purposes. This is similar to Bill Gates’ vision to have a PC on every desk, in every home, running the Microsoft office. This notion may be altruistic, but I’ll leave the final assessment to you having read the rest of this exposé. Studies have lucidly illustrated that EMS for athletes has what it takes to positively impact voluntary strength and abilities related with improved muscle recruitment. It has been shown also that the means can educate people on the adaptability and plasticity of the nervous system. A significant number of athletes have been putting EMS devices for years, starting off with a simple machine with relatively fixed parameters. Overtime, a variety of machines as well as technologies have been used by thousands of athletes.

The greatest effect of EMS for athletic performance is in sport and return-to-competition scenarios wherein it provides information for assessing the status of an athlete’s peripheral and central nervous systems. A significant number of researches have shown that electrical impedance is a byproduct of muscle injury and damage. The existence of edema reduces the resistance to the flow of current, with healthy tissues offering all the more resistance. EMS can quantify the degree of any injury through a process known as localized bio-impedance, as well as detect the physical spaces in muscle tissues, aiding the use of ultrasound and MRI at large.


The simple and neat ability to stay all warmed up without getting your muscles down that fatigue lane helps immensely in other athletic indulgences. Due to EMS’s ability to generate some flex for your muscles, without having to induce active assistance, you will have the avenue to train them with fewer risks such as joint overuse. The deduction from all these variables is that electric muscle stimulation may provide some safe, legal competitive edge in athletic activities as well as sports.


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