How does electrical muscle stimulation work?

How does electrical muscle stimulation work?

July 23, 2018

People nowadays include electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) devices like Mooyee products in their regular fitness and health routine. For decades the use of EMS or electrical muscle stimulation, has been a highly touted option for elite athletes to reach higher levels of performance. Recently the trend of EMS use is back again; They believe that electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is an easy and safe way to boost post-workout recovery, gain muscle and strength, faster. It’s no surprise then that even these user friendly health techniques gain sound attention among us, after few celebrities try it.


Some people might want to believe it too, but they are a bit skeptical. But the whole approach is scientific. Have we not seen various popular celebrity and professional athletes hooked-up to these machines? The two main uses for this treatment are muscle re-education & pain relief, and in this post we are going to discuss how does EMS work, and what science has to say about its effectiveness.


For Relief:

EMS therapy is usually not being used for pain management, it is useful for the people who have had a stroke once or an orthopedic surgery, as these patients have trouble trying to move a muscle or joint. The electrical impulse from the electrodes stimulates nerves in the affected areas & sends signals to the brain to re-learn how to contract the muscle on its own by scrambling normal pain perception. EMS is not painful and may be an alternative effective therapy to mask pain such as diabetic neuropathy process. Although EMS is usually not considered a pain relief treatment it will relax the muscles where pain may be.


For Muscle re-education:

Electrical stimulation technique is also used for muscle re-training, it is commonly useful for people who have had an orthopedic surgery or had a stroke once. Most of these patients facing troubles to move muscles or any joint. When this small, battery operated device delivers low voltage electrical impulse into the muscle tissue with "e-stim" or "TENs" through the skin, under the appropriate settings placed near the source of pain then the muscle can automatically contract without the help of the patient. The electrodes are placed on the biggest muscle groups. The electric signals or impulses cause the muscles to contract tightly. These repeated contractions are equal to the same muscle work as high intensity workout for any individual.


Myth and research studies:

Although various researches have been conducted and still research continues, to be sure about the effectiveness of Electronic muscle stimulator like Mooyee products, there is still a lot of myths about its use and its clinical effectiveness. There’s some research that proves it can increase strength a bit if it combined with regular weightlifting routine, but it’s unlikely to help you reduce muscle or gain muscle faster or damage and soreness. In fact, electrical stimulation is often classified under alternative medicine or an effective therapy to mask pain such as diabetic neuropathy process.

Advantages of EMS:

Electronic muscle stimulator devices have many advantages, like being often compact, very easy to use (user friendly), cost-effective, non-addictive (E-stim) and provide alternative pain relief (medications). EMS with a qualified practitioner or expert, is trained to use the devices and reduce your risk of side effects and complications, which include skin irritation from the electrodes and in rare cases, headaches. People with cardiac arrhythmias and pacemakers should not use EMS.

 Please note, Mooyee is EMS not TENs.