Electric Muscle Stimulation and Lactic Acid

June 25, 2018

Electric muscle stimulation is a therapeutic process that involves the reproduction of the body’s muscular contractions by the application of electrical impulses to major motor nerves. Low-level charges are used to stimulate muscle fibers, making them contract in ways it would have naturally, but over a long period of time. We have all had our own shares of stress-related bodily responses, or the ones associated with extreme physical exertion. Athletes are not taken surprised by heavy breathing and muscle fatigue, though the ones that perform tremendously exceptionally to a higher extent. Regardless of intensity, the body yet responds to physical stress and that is where the EMS innovation comes in.

When athletes perform physical exerting activities, or even anyone for that matter, lungs will breathe rapidly as the body struggles to supply more fuelling oxygen. Being that the situation may not be conducive enough for the body to produce and supply oxygen aerobically, pyruvate; a broken-down substance of glucose is used and re-converted to glucose in what we call an anaerobic process or the Cori Cycle. This alternative energy production process only lasts for seconds and few minutes, during which time lactate will accumulate to a high level.

High levels of body lactate increases the acidity of muscle cells and form an environment that impedes the conversion of glucose. This is one condition that is not so healthy for the body. It may sound like a counterintuitive idea, but it is actually the way the body avoids extreme damage, in similitude to using EMS devices. The overall buildup of lactic acidity is known as muscle pump, which is the somewhat burning sensation related with much repetition or highly intense activity. When the pain of this physical response finally makes us stop, the body will start a recovery process through which the lactate will be cleared. And, the restoration of the body back to a physical state will begin for yet another bout of anaerobic. This is where EMS comes in. The increment of aerobic conditioning can improve athletic performance better by helping our muscles extend their capability to use oxygen. It will be an easier, readily available and more enduring source of energy production.

Using the electric muscle stimulation machine to better muscle recovery and strength is a therapeutic prospect that is commensurate with lactic acid and its nuances. EMS is used to relieve lactic acid build up and performs a function similar to an active recovery; keeping the muscles warm and easing the muscles slowly back to normal after strenuous exercise.  

Essentially, Mooyee is an aide to the anaerobic process, which in turn promotes muscle relief. EMS and Mooyee go in ways to ease and reduce the lactic acid in our bodies. This is in order for the therapeutic prospect we are on the lookout for, while putting the devices in our employ, will be achieved through the most effective means technologically possible.