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  • Electronic Muscle Recovery
  • How to stop getting DOMS
Feel better after exercise

Sick of being sore?

Muscle recovery can be a time consuming and uncomfortable process. You wake up 2-3 days after a solid workout, and suddenly you are walking like an old man at a senior facility, instead of feeling on top of the world like you were just a few days ago. You've tried stretches and meds, but you still can't keep up your routine.
This kind of pain is pretty common for people who love to get out there and test their strength, but it doesnt have to be. Now you have a secret weapon in the fight against muscle soreness: Mooyee.

Mooyee sends small amounts of electrical stimulation through your body, just enough to help your muscles relax. It's small portable design allow you to take it with you anywhere at any time, and enjoy the full benefits of a soreness free workout because of it.

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